HTML5 Interactive Music System

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Instructions: Once the audio has loaded, press the play button to start the music system. Once the system is in play-mode, use the state play buttons to switch between music states.
State 1

State 2

State 3

State 4

Above is a custom HTML5 interactive music player. During each state change, a random transition sound is played as the music states are cross-faded. Music state 2 through 4 are single-track loops where as music state 1 consists of 3 randomized ambient tracks. Although the music states are tied to clickable events, these could essentially be game states. For best results use Chrome or FireFox 4+.

The development process for the player included:
  • Music composition and sound design via Ableton Live
  • Programming of music system using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Buzz Audio Library